Zebra Cliffhanger

The late afternoon sky was broody and the scattered clouds hung in the sky like forgotten washing on a clothesline. The plains game were resolutely going about their business, when I came upon a scene that sucked the air out of my lungs and sent a jolt of pain through my stomach.  A zebra foalContinue reading “Zebra Cliffhanger”

Sonic, boom!

A continuation of the Sonic story. Some of you may remember my story about Sonic the nyala who survived a predator attack and whose setbacks would have seen the human equivalent undergoing physio and chiro for weeks in order to correct the damage done. There would be time to lie in your bed and recover,Continue reading “Sonic, boom!”

Monkey gets the lion’s share!

Zaza has been an inventor since the time she could move around independently. Always making stuff and trying out new things. A lot of the time it turned out to be an utter disaster, but when she got it right, she had us all stunned. A craze many parents would like to forget about isContinue reading “Monkey gets the lion’s share!”

Landrover Defender

 A tribute to a legend. Today, exactly 5 years ago, the last of the “original” Landrover Defenders rolled off the production line. The Defender was produced for over 67 years. There were many different versions with just over 2 000 000 models built during that time. In 2020, a new Landrover Defender was released and time willContinue reading “Landrover Defender”

Face to Face with an Elephant (Video)

Back to the Bush We’ve been plagued by electrical issues at Bateleur over the last couple of weeks, so on Sunday I drove through to Hoedspruit to get to the bottom of it. We rely heavily on our camera system as it give us insight into the daily happenings – and since our handyman isContinue reading “Face to Face with an Elephant (Video)”

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