Baboons’ Bash in the Bush

OK. Let’s just say it straight out. Baboons are a colossal pain in the butt. I understand that this is their space and they have more of a right to be here than we do, but they are still an utter pestilence when you are forced to share a space with them. We’ve all hadContinue reading “Baboons’ Bash in the Bush”

Face to Face with an Elephant (Video)

Back to the Bush We’ve been plagued by electrical issues at Bateleur over the last couple of weeks, so on Sunday I drove through to Hoedspruit to get to the bottom of it. We rely heavily on our camera system as it give us insight into the daily happenings – and since our handyman isContinue reading “Face to Face with an Elephant (Video)”


In May 2020, we had the “pleasure” of having a particularly vociferous and highly strung Impala ram roaming around Bateleur. A couple of times a day, he would do his rounds making the most alarming noises and nodding his head up and down – he’d generally drive us a little crazy. Teens 1 to 3Continue reading “Snorty”

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