Thelma’s Faceplant

Hubby and I were returning from a very rewarding game drive. After a couple of very unremarkable drives, our luck had improved and we had spotted some of our favourites and were looking forward to a relaxing dinner and a game of 30 seconds with the kids. Our driveway veers to the left and justContinue reading “Thelma’s Faceplant”

Zebra Cliffhanger

The late afternoon sky was broody and the scattered clouds hung in the sky like forgotten washing on a clothesline. The plains game were resolutely going about their business, when I came upon a scene that sucked the air out of my lungs and sent a jolt of pain through my stomach.  A zebra foalContinue reading “Zebra Cliffhanger”

Sonic, boom!

A continuation of the Sonic story. Some of you may remember my story about Sonic the nyala who survived a predator attack and whose setbacks would have seen the human equivalent undergoing physio and chiro for weeks in order to correct the damage done. There would be time to lie in your bed and recover,Continue reading “Sonic, boom!”

Wild Dog Hunt

4:30 am. My alarm goes off. I reach for it and press snooze. An unrelenting tap tap tap on my shoulder. A small face, with a cascade of hair two centimetres from mine. “Aren’t we going on a drive?”. I pull myself out of a deep slumber and smile at my littlest. “Ok. Give meContinue reading “Wild Dog Hunt”

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