Sonic, boom!

A continuation of the Sonic story.

Sonic – April 2021

Some of you may remember my story about Sonic the nyala who survived a predator attack and whose setbacks would have seen the human equivalent undergoing physio and chiro for weeks in order to correct the damage done. There would be time to lie in your bed and recover, potentially psychological and trauma counselling to help you deal with, and get through the experience and a family backing you up and supporting you.

Well, Sonic didn’t have the benefit of any of those things. She had to go back out into a world full of predators, fend for herself and deal with a herd who didn’t seem particularly happy to have her around in her injured state! Our brave girl proved that tenacity and the will to live can take you very far in life. She’s a very good role model for dealing with adversity!

Sonic has a new baby!

I am delighted to tell you that Sonic came to visit us in late January with a new baby. A fesity little mite – head butting Mommy’s tummy to get the milk to flow and determinedly pursuing Sonic when she walked away – just like her Mommy!

Nugget headbutting her Mommy’s tummy to get the milk flowing – January 2021

 I remember telling Zaza at the time Sonic was injured that I hoped her baby would nurse for as long as possible because the chances of her Mom surviving for the next couple of days was highly unlikely. After all she was off balance and her injuries were intense. Another time when I am incredibly happy to be proved wrong!

Sonic and her baby are still doing well

Sonic’s baby, Nugget, pictured at the End of January 2021 and Yesterday

We saw Sonic and her baby again yesterday. Less than a year after the savage attack, Sonic is still alive and well, although I can spot her immediately when the nyalas visit with her damaged neck and head – and with her mini me. She is still the most watchful and stand-offish nyala of the crowd, but who can blame her after what she went through last year? She always stands slightly to the side of her herd and keeps a careful watch on where I am at all times.

What is truly fascinating to me is that the gestation period for a nyala is approximately 220 days. That is over 7 months. That means that she must have conceived again sometime in mid-June 2020 – approximately a month after her attack. So not only was her body still healing. She was also carrying a baby and contributing to the next generation of nyalas.

As I watched her purposefully walking away with her baby – one hoof ahead of the other it reminded me that that is exactly the way to live your life. We all experience adversity from time to time. It leaves its scars on your mind and sometimes your body – but it is in the past and done. The only thing to do is follow Sonic’s example and live in the present – with positive expectations of the future.

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  1. One can only stand in awe of nature’s healing powers and of Sonic’s resilience. What an inspiring story!

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