In May 2020, we had the “pleasure” of having a particularly vociferous and highly strung Impala ram roaming around Bateleur. A couple of times a day, he would do his rounds making the most alarming noises and nodding his head up and down – he’d generally drive us a little crazy. Teens 1 to 3Continue reading “Snorty”

The Story of Sonic (Video)

I had planned on doing my next piece on Moditlo Estate, a beautiful Wildlife Estate set in Hoedspruit where we are fortunate enough to spend several weeks/months every year. However, fate intervened, and we had a visit from a special friend whose story I would like to share with you. Although we find life inContinue reading “The Story of Sonic (Video)”


Ally’s Bush Tales has been a dream of mine for several years. Having a family with 4 very busy children, has been a big factor as to why it has taken me this long to get going, but here we are – finally! When asked about Africa, people from all corners of the world immediatelyContinue reading “Introduction”

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